“Best carwash by far! Great wash, vacuum & service”

–Peyton K.



“These guys really know how to get it done! This is my third time going to this car wash. Someone is always serving you. Today the gentleman out by the (where you pay screen) was absolutely great. Made me laugh, had a good conversation, then recommended me a wash that would get rid of bugs as well as getting the job done. The guys in the wash took time really getting the bugs off. Not to mention they did very well spraying and wiping down my rims/tires. While vacuuming also brought me a nice COLD bottle of water!! Thank you Speedy Splash!”

–Brian L.



“Love this carwash. We are members and have unlimited washes....we also get thru the line more quickly.”

–Heather C.



“Speedy carwash that actually cleans your car. I would drive out of my way every time for this wash. Friendly staff as well.”

–Christian P.



“GREAT CARWASH!!! Such a great experience, new wash made my truck look brand new!!! Thank you Speedy Splash!!!”

–Dick F.


“By far the best wash I've had! Great customer service and Speedy Splash Carwash is the best in Northwest Arkansas!!”

–David B.



“This is the only car wash I go to. Free vacuums, and the drive thru automatic car wash makes my Tesla shine like new again! If you need a good place to wash your wheels...... this would be the place.”

–James H.



“Just went through for the first time and they noticed we had our husky in the back seat and they came and brought him doggy treats! It was awesome. Made him not be so nervous.”

–Kasey B.



“Fantastic, fast car wash! The staff were very friendly and very helpful. They both went out of their way this evening to make my experience great! I highly recommend!”

–Cindy V.